Spa - Spa Medleys

Spa Medleys

Leave your cares at the door and reward yourself with a series of treatments that restore health and vitality.

Transformation Ritual 2 Hours/$360

Enjoy visible results with high performance skin-firming treatments for your body and face. A Natural Body Lift, combined with a Natural Face Lift Facial, merges science with the healing properties of plants to restore and tone your skin. A transformative experience!

Sanctuary Journey 2 Hours/$300

Your journey to relaxation begins with a one-hour massage (Classic, Maternity, or Reflexology), followed by a one-hour facial.

Lowcountry Escape 2.5 Hours/$430

Stress and tension melts away during our Lowcountry Bamboo Fusion followed by a one-hour Sodashi Luxury Facial.

Luxurious Retreat 3 Hours/$485

Gentle warmth infuses restorative vitamins, minerals and botanicals into your skin during this luxurious series of services. Our Ocean Fossil Fusion is followed by a Sodashi Thermal Infusing Facial.

Blissfully Unaware 4 Hours/$465

Treat yourself to The Spa & Salon's transcendent combination of treatments, including The Signature Massage, Custom Facial and Signature Manicure/Pedicure.

Gentlemen's Spa Medley 3 Hours/$375

Unwind from head to toe with treatments designed especially for gentlemen. A 60-minute Deep Tissue Massage, Gentlemen's Rescue Facial and Men's Conditioning Spa Pedicure will replenish and renew your body and mind.