Spa - For The Golfer

For The Golfer

Improve performance and promote recovery with these services designed especially for golfers.

High Performance Stretching 30 Min./$85

Warm up with Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), one of the methods of stretching most used by today’s athletes and personal/athletic trainers. Your therapist will guide you through a session that offers effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of the major muscle groups used on the course. You will benefit from improved circulation and increased muscle and joint elasticity. Also an excellent way to loosen up after strenuous play. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting attire.

Athletic Recovery Massage 60 Min./$185

Iron out the kinks that come from a long day on the course. This invigorating, athletic massage uses moderate pressure and highly rhythmic strokes to stimulate muscles and flush metabolic waste from the tissues. Hot towels are applied throughout the session to ease soreness and promote relaxation. Please note this is not a deep tissue service.

Foot Joy 30 Min./$85

This invigorating, yet relaxing foot treatment offers the relief you need after 18 holes. A gentle salt scrub is followed by a soothing foot massage using whipped shea butter infused with healing, aromatic extracts.