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Sodashi Luxury Facials

sodashi luxury facialsYour complexion is often a reflection of your state of mind. Our luxurious Sodashi facial rituals dramatically regenerate the skin, while imparting a deep sense of wellbeing to the wind and spirit. Wholeness. Purity. Radiance. That is the meaning of the Sanskrit word "Sodashi." From seed to shelf, Sodashi remains true to its name, dramatically regenerating skin, and imparting a deep sense of wellbeing to spirit and mind.

Sodashi Radiance Facial (Customized for all skin types) 60 Min. $205

Drift away as you enjoy Sodashi's aromatic warm facial compresses that soften and exfoliate, and a nurturing face mask, rich in herbal extracts that purify and hydrate the skin. This luxurious facial experience is tailored to your skin's needs and features Sodashi Plant Essence Synergies that leave your skin revitalized and fresh.

Sodashi Purity Facial (Combination, tired or stressed skin) 60 Min. $205

The deep cleansing properties of Argiletz Clay, rich in minerals, is used to decongest and detoxify the skin and refine pore size. Complemented by a pressure point massage we call "reflexology for the face," this treatment is both relaxing and energizing, and restores your skin's natural balance.

Sodashi Calm Facial (Sensitive or reactive skin) 60 Min. $205

Gentle and comforting care designed to nurture the most fragile of skin types. Enjoy cooling mists and soothing aromatic gels that caress the skin. Sodashi plant essences and herbal extracts will strengthen the capillaries and de-sensitize your skin, leaving it feeling revived with a calm, even complexion.

Sodashi Thermal Infusing Facial (Intensive Anti-Aging treatment) 90 Min. $275

Sodashi's exclusive Warm Infusing Mask maximizes penetration of essential vitamins and minerals into the deeper layers of the skin. This ultimate facial indulgence is tailored to your skin's needs, and deeply cleanses, purifies, and nourishes your skin, leaving it hydrated and toned. Restoring forgotten elasticity and radiance, this is more than just a facial. Emerge with a refined complexion in perfect harmony with your blissful state.

All facials are complemented with a specialized Sodashi Facial Massage Ritual and a Sodashi Eye Treatment.

Body Rescues

A collection of body treatments that harness the power of the sea to rescue your skin. Soothe, repair, or firm...

Natural Body Lift (Smooth & Firm) 60 Min./$195

A vigorous exfoliation and warm wrap of black silt clay and herbal extracts of Indian Sarsaparilla and Coffee Arabica increases circulation. While you relax in cocooned comfort, a scalp massage and a gentle neck massage melts away tension. The application of a luxurious seaweed serum (we call it liquid silk!) further lifts and tightens the skin's supportive structure.

Spring Tide Body Renewal (Calm & Soothe) 60 Min./$185

This soothing botanical recipe was created for those with sensitive skin, hormonal imbalances, or water retention. A luscious blend of certified organics calms and nourishes the skin, while a sea salt foot scrub lifts the spirits.

Undaria Skin Recovery (Hydrate & Repair) 60 Min./$185

Skin repair has never been this luxurious! Let us offer you a double dose of the powerful healing properties of Undaria algae. First, a gentle exfoliation with Undaria Body Polish purifies the pores and stimulates collagen production. Second, a generous application of refreshing Undaria Algae Oil delivers powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids deep into the skin, adding renewed life and vitality.

For The Golfer

Improve performance and promote recovery with these services designed especially for golfers.

Kiawah Golf Ball Massage 60 Min./$185

The size, shape, and density of a golf ball make it the ideal instrument to reach deep knots in the muscles. The Kiawah Golf Ball massage combines deep tissue massage techniques with specific trigger point work using a golf ball to iron out the kinks that come from a long day on the course.

Athletic Recovery Massage 60 Min./$185

This invigorating massage uses moderate pressure and highly rhythmic strokes to flush metabolic waste from the tissues. Hot towels are applied throughout the session to ease soreness and promote relaxation, while healing balms help sooth overworked muscles, tendons, and joints. Please not this is not a deep tissue service.

Foot Joy 30 Min./$85

This invigorating, yet relaxing foot treatment offers the relief you need after 18 holes. A gentle salt scrub is followed by a soothing foot massage using whipped shea butter infused with healing, aromatic extracts.

Body Fusions

Multi-sensory experiences that combine restorative skin treatments with the therapeutic benefits of a full body massage.

Ocean Fossil Fusion 90 Min./$275

Rich minerals harvested from the earth and sea offer detoxification and renewal. A gentle dry brush exfoliation is followed by a warm clay cocoon that increases cellular metabolism while calming your mind and easing your cares. A tension relieving full-body massage with algae infused oils and lotions completes this luxurious spa journey. This service can be upgraded to a deep tissue massage for an additional fee.

Sea Essence Fusion 90 Min./$275

An invigorating sea salt scrub that exfoliates and resurfaces dull, dry skin is complemented by a luxurious massage using warm, polished seashells. The heated shells glide smoothly over the body, stimulating blood flow while melting away tension. An anti-aging body balm provides the final flourish.

Specialty Bodywork

Gentle energy therapies and Asian-inspired techniques adjust imbalances and release restrictions. Sessions are subject to availability.

CranioSacral Therapy 60 Min./$160

Through delicate hand placement, your therapist will feel the rhythm of the CranioSacral system and detect potential restrictions and imbalances. Releasing specific areas of undue pressure helps balance the body and returns it to its greatest level of performance. In complementing the body’s natural healing process, we recommend this therapy for those who experience migraines, chronic fatigue or stress-induced tension. For your comfort, this service is performed fully clothed.

Reiki 60 Min./$160

This spiritual healing art is used to treat physical ailments, reduce stress and promote relaxation. Gentle hand placements transfer healing energy through the practitioner to the client. (Schedule a 30-minute Reiki as an enhancement to an existing spa treatment for $75.)

Foot Reflexology Treatment 60 Min./$160

An ancient Eastern technique used to relieve stress and bring balance to the entire body. The session begins with a foot soak and sea salt exfoliation of the lower leg. Thumb and finger pressure is used to massage specific points on the feet corresponding to different body areas. A soothing cream combining crushed mint and arnica provides a cool, refreshing finish.

Thai Massage 60/90 Min. $180/$255

Thai yoga massage is uplifting and energizing to both the mind and body. By combining yoga postures, stretching, compression and pressure points, the body releases toxins and tension, increases flexibility and decreases stress. The interactive service is conducted on a mat, fully clothed, and requires no oils. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting attire.