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Welcome to the Kiawah Island Nature Program’s wildlife sightings page. Here, you’ll find postings from our Naturalists and island biologists showing you what is currently in the field as well as an archive of observations from throughout the year.

We hope this site will get you excited about the amazing and diverse wildlife found on Kiawah. Get outside and share your photos and stories with us at Kiawah_Recreation@KiawahResort.com.


January 5, 2017~ Fly by at Mingo

wawsi may 31

Captain Brad snapped a photo of a hawk flying by the Mingo Point shack with his iPhone! Despite the not-so-red tail feathers on this bird, this is a young Red-tailed Hawk. Red-tailed hawks can look very different from one another based on age, location and time of year. However, the easiest way to identify a Red-tailed Hawk is from the "comma" marks on the wrists of the wings (circled in red). 

There will be lots of hawks and other birds of prey flying around this winter. Stay curious and happy birding!