Sunset Yoga

Fitness Room

Open Daily, 6am - 11pm

Located in the Straw Market at West Beach Village, the Fitness Room is exclusively for Kiawah Island Golf Resort guests and Governor’s Club Members. Featuring cardio and strength equipment from Cybex and Star Trac, our fitness room has the equipment you need to stay and shape and relieve stress. Find plenty of natural light, open space, and flat panel TV’s to enhance your workout experience, as well as our Elite Cross Trainer machines, S-TR treadmill, AbCoaster Elite, Star Trac Dual Instinct strength machines, and the Max Rack. New for 2016- functional training equipment from BOSU, TRX, Inspire, and a Concept 2 Rower.

For access code to the room, please visit the Heron Park Nature Center in Night Heron Park, the Villa Front Desk located in East Beach Village, or call Ext. 82055.


Fitness Classes

Everyone Welcome


Through September 2






Yoga on the Beach 
9am - 10am

Beach Bootcamp
7:30am - 8:15am

Yoga on the Beach
9am - 10am


Paddle Zen
in the Marsh
7:30am- 9am

 Pilates on the Beach
10:15am - 11:15am

Surf Fit
8:15am - 9am


9:30am - 10:30am

Gentle Yoga
2pm - 3pm 

*Meets at the West Beach Fitness Center. All other classes are held at the Sanctuary Hotel beach access.

Reservations required. Three person minimum on all classes. Times & classes are subject to change.
Call for updates: (843) 768-6001. *Denotes class meets at West Beach Fitness Studio.


Personal Training Session

Looking to change up your workout, give yourself a new challenge, strengthen an injury or imbalance? Our personal trainer has over 18 years of experience in sports and athletic training and can tailor a workout for you. Please call 843.768.6001 for available times.

Many location options available, including the West Beach Fitness Center, the Beach or the Park.

yoga-on-beach at kiawah island


Combine elements of ballet, pilates, and yoga in this upbeat class designed to lengthen, strengthen, and tone your upper body, legs, butt, and core. This top trend in fitness is one of the best ways to change your body.
Location: West Beach Fitness Room

Beach Bootcamp $18/person

Come for a workout that is never the same to keep your body guessing! Designed to build strength, endurance, burn calories, and build lean muscle, this boot camp style workout in the sand will not disappoint. Rain or shine, hot or cold, we’ll see you on the beach! Offered throughout the fall and winter.
Location: Sanctuary Beach

Gentle Yoga $15/person

This class will focus on gentle stretches, balance, and building strength. All levels are welcome.
Location: West Beach Fitness Room

blast $15/person

Blast your body from head to toe in this 30 minute group training workout. You'll use body weight, kettlebells, TRX, balance, and more in this class that will blast you into shape! This class will move quickly, some workout experience is recommended.New for 2016!. Please wear supportive shoes.
Location: West Beach Fitness Room

Moonlight Yoga on the Beach $20/person

What better way than to end your day under the full moon on the beach with a slow vinyasa yoga class focusing on breath and body. Class is only offered during a full moon. No yoga experience needed.
Location: Sanctuary Front Beach

PADDLEZEN $35/person
paddle-zen classes available at kiawah island golf resort

Come join our certified Paddleboard Yoga instructor for an exciting class at the Night Heron Pool! The warm water of our heated pool will allow a new exciting experience of doing Yoga on a paddle board. Yoga on the board offers all of the elements of traditional yoga while allowing you to experience the calm of being on the water.
Location: Night Heron Pool

Pilates | Pilates on the Beach $15/person

This mat-based class helps build strong abs and back muscles. Built-in options make this great for all fitness levels.
Location: West Beach Fitness Room | Sanctuary Beach


Take the best of mind, body, and core in this workout designed to lengthen and strengthen your body while increasing your flwxibility and calming your mind. No yoga or pilates experience required. New for 2016!

SUMMER SOLSTICE Yoga $20/person

Celebrate the summer solstice with the traditional ritual of 108 sun salutations as the sun rises. Experience the sense of accomplishment as you flow through poses and center yourself on the longest day of the year. No yoga experience required. Only June 21st.
Location: Sanctuary Front Beach

Sunrise Yoga on the Beach $20/person

This yoga class will provide the perfect start to your day! Increase your strength and flexibility and clear your mind in this incredible setting. No yoga experience needed.
Location: Sanctuary Front Beach


SURF FIT $18/person

We'll train your body like a surfer in this class using IndoBoards to replicate the surf board and waves. Expect a killer workout for your core, upper back and arms, and legs while you train the movements essential in catching a wave. Great for anyone who surfs, wants to learn to surf, or wants to improve their strength and endurance while having some fun! New for 2016!

Yoga on the Beach $18/person

Yoga on the beach is hath a yoga with a blend of slow to moderate pace vinyasa and longer held restorative poses. We work at a beginner to intermediate level and focus on using breath to create body awareness, calm the mind and build strength and flexibility. Previous Yoga experience is not required. Mats are provided. Class is tide and weather dependent.
Location: Sanctuary Front Beach