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Why "Well Space" Gives Your Meetings a Brainy Boost

Last year, world-renowned wellness expert Dr. Deepak Chopra gave the keynote at MPI's World Education Congress, delivering an inspiring message about healthy meetings. Since then, we've seen growing emphasis on healthful environments for high-performance meetings. At Kiawah Island Golf Resort, innovations that support guests' well-being have always been a high priority. We know that meeting planners want to be sure spaces are designed to optimize productivity, so our ProMeetings team suggest you plan a "well-space" meeting. These elements will make a big difference in promoting energy, focus and creativity:


Good lighting brightens attention and attitude. "Light is directly related to one's evergy level, mood and sleep cycles," says Chopra. Unsurprisingly, a source of natural lighting can lift the room's ambiance — and a person's mood during meetings. Avoid bright, harsh lighting, which can produce glare that strains the eyes, yet be sure the space isn't too dark or people can become lethargic. The best environments emulate the properties of natural light and feature increased light intensity over work areas to promote focus and productivity.


You don't want interruptions, so make sure there is no noise from spaces below, above or adjacent to your meeting room. Pay attention to the surfaces within the room. Hard surfaces can make it difficult for attendees to hear clearly, while sound-absorbing materials help them better understand conversion and audio sources. Check that heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems operate at a low sound level, and that building materials or window coverings help isolate the room from any traffic or other exterior noise.

Air Quality

Fresh air can boost fresh ideas. Unfortunately, today's artificially heated and cooled spaces can create stuffy air and slower-working brains. Make sure the temperature in your meetings rooms can be adjusted to your group's preference and that ventilation seems adequate to reduce allergens, odors and microbes from the air. A venue where you can take frequent breaks in a nearby outdoor space is ideal. On Kiawah Island, attendees can simply step outside to enjoy fresh breezes right off the Atlantic — a perfect way to clear the mind!


Comfort is a priority for productivity. Beyond comfortable chairs, you'll want design features that optimize well-being and reduce stress. Look for non-glare writing surfaces that support presentation and note taking. Confirm that flexible seating and tables can effortlessly create a variety of layouts to suit your needs. Finally, make sure there are plenty of ways to easily display and share all your presentation materials.


This unusual term has vital significance. Coined by Harvard Biologist Edward Wilson, Ph.D., it refers to the instinctive bond between human beings and other living things. In other words, we are innately attracted to nature and comfortable in natural surroundings. Calming indoor space that incorporates elements of nature in decor, art and live plantings can increase our comfort. Conference destinations like Kiawah Island that are surrounded by nature and wildlife are optimal for enhancing well-being and reducing stress levels.

Healthful Dining

Are brain-friendly foods on the menu? It's now recognized throughout the conference industry that healthy meals and breaks help create engaged and clear-headed attendees. The ProMeetings team covered this topic in a recent blog, so check out our tips about Food for Thought by visiting ProMeetings and clicking on "View Previous Articles."

Director of Group Sales Marty Couch and his team at Kiawah Island Golf Resort are committed to helping your group maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying and meeting on the island. Kiawah's well-space and energizing environment are among the reasons it was recently named the #1 Island in North America by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler. To find out more about hosting your next event on Kiawah, please contact us at 800.576.1585 — and be sure to inquire about summer value rates for Five-Star meetings at The Sanctuary hotel on the Atlantic Ocean.

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