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On April 17, 2012 a Leatherback Sea Turtle, measuring 5’11” from flipper to flipper, crawled up onto our beach to lay her eggs. Every year, 100 to 250 Loggerhead Sea Turtle nests are laid on Kiawah, but a Leatherback nesting was … Read More

After a long wait, the excitement of Kiawah’s Leatherback Sea Turtle nest has come to an end.  For the past several weeks, the Nature Center was in quite a buzz with this being only the second Leatherback nest on Kiawah in … Read More

During the very early hours of April 17th, an enormous female Leatherback Sea Turtle made her way onto Kiawah’s beach front to lay her eggs.  Bringing some history along with her, this is the first sea turtle nest in South … Read More