Jonet Wooten pens a great blog entitled “Fabulously Chic Over 50.”  She recently visited The Sanctuary and wrote a number of blogs about her Kiawah Island experience including their trip to The Ocean Room, one of only five Forbes Four Star/AAA Four Diamond steakhouses in the U.S.  She says “Like a bird in flight, we were off to embark upon a bucket list-inspired culinary adventure, the elegant crane adorned iron gates at the entrance of The Ocean Room making a bold statement about the enchanted evening we were about to experience. When sophisticated elegance, dreamy ocean views and unforgettable food collide, the end result …” Read more below

Like a bird in flight, we were off to embark upon a bucket list-inspired culinary adventure, the elegant crane adorned iron gates at the entrance of The Ocean Room making a bold statement about the enchanted evening we were about to experience.

When sophisticated elegance, dreamy ocean views and unforgettable food collide, the end result is The Ocean Room, Kiawah Island’s premier steakhouse. One of only five steakhouses in the U.S. to earn both Forbes 4 Star and AAA 4 Diamond ratings, it’s no exaggeration to say, we were anticipating every bite.

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Top 10 Beaches in America


Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina made it to the annual list of top 10 beaches in America as chosen by “Dr. Beach”: Florida International University professor Stephen Leatherman.

Beachwalker Park on Kiawah Island also squeaked onto the lineup at No. 10. Tops was Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay, nestled inside a breeched volcanic cone on the southeastern shore of Oahu, with some of the state’s calmest waters, most pristine beaches and world-renowned snorkeling over coral reefs that teem with colorful fish.

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Beauty beyond skin deep

spa shot

Beauty beyond skin deep can be found at The Spa at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort using its NūFACE Trinity devices.

Upon leaving a spa, guests don’t want to just feel good. They want to look good as well. The Spa at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort has teamed up with the developer of the NūFACE Trinity device to deliver FDA-approved, multi-solution anti-aging therapies that produce almost instant, visible results.

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Chef de Cuisine Daniel Coulter

Chef de Cuisine Daniel Coulter

May is National BBQ Month and South Carolina is known as the “Birthplace of Barbecue.” This long tradition of slow-and-low-cooked pork has deep roots here, so much so that the state’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism initiated the “SC Barbecue Trail,” a marketing campaign to entice visitors from far and wide to visit the Palmetto State to celebrate its diversity of BBQ. Nearly 200 restaurants that specialize in BBQ are part of the Trail, and Kiawah’s Cherrywood BBQ and Ale House in the Osprey Point Clubhouse is one of them. While many of these 200 restaurants offer very “rustic” appeal, Cherrywood is unique as it offers a more “upscale” BBQ experience.

According to Cherrywood’s Executive Chef, Danny Coulter, what sets his restaurant apart from the rest of the Trail is that Cherrywood doesn’t just offer pulled pork and ribs. “In addition to some of the best BBQ and ribs in the south, we’re serving some dishes that one might not often find in a BBQ restaurant. For example, one of the dishes we’re serving right now is a Grilled Rib-Eye Fillet. It’s a play on traditional southern Steak Frites where we’re doing our own steak fries and present a very nice cut of meat with a pearl onion demi glaze. At the heart of it, it’s still steak and fries – southern comfort food – but high-end comfort food,” explained Coulter. “Another example is our veal and gorgonzola meat loaf with shiitake mushroom demi glaze – not your grandmother’s meat loaf. On another twist to traditional meat loaf, we have a smoked meat loaf burger which is meat loaf stuffed with bacon lardon, garlic, onions and cheddar cheese. It’s then smoked and sliced, pan-seared and topped with a tomato jam and served on an onion brioche roll.”

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Kiawah Turns 40

The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

On May 3, 2016, Kiawah turned 40.  The Charleston Post and Courier commorated the event with this article appearing on the cover of the Business Section on May 8th written by John McDermott (

Kiawah Island Golf Resort turned the big 4-0 this past week, still looking swell, no worse for the wear.

But the road to the traditional middle-age milestone was no walk on the beach, especially in the early years. Those initial hurdles aside, the manicured seaside getaway has left a nearly incalculable imprint on the South Carolina tourism industry.

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Kiawah Family Fun


On a recent visit to Kiawah Island Golf Resort, writer Robin Hutson of the blog “Luxe Recess” which bills itself as a blog “For Parents Who Like Really Nice Hotels,” started her review of The Sanctuary, entitled “Kiawah Family Fun” this way:

I’d never seen the South Carolina coast. As we boated through the marshes at dusk with dolphins escorting us on either side, I soaked up the colorful landscape wondering why I had taken so long to visit Lowcountry and enjoy a Kiawah family vacation.

The Kiawah Island Golf Resort near Charleston has been a favorite destination for South Carolina families since it opened in 1976. Once New Yorkers found this paradise, expansion and development of Kiawah Island has been consistent since the ‘90s.

One of the more recent additions to the island is the Sanctuary Hotel at Kiawah, the island’s first actual hotel amidst its villas, condos, and vacation homes of the bigger resort. The Sanctuary at Kiawah opened in 2004 and is a prestigious Legend property with Preferred Hotels.

Like with most new construction buildings on Kiawah Island, The Sanctuary Hotel is meant to look like it has always been there. Walking into its two-story lobby, the staircases are sweeping, as is the scale of the art and windows. There’s nothing casual about it. Its design in both rooms and public spaces are to create a historic heritage it would have had were it not part of a private plantation during the ages when The Breakers, Jekyll Island, and Sea Island were developed.


For more on the Luxe Recess review and images of their visit, click on the link below:



The Culture Trip blog named Kiawah Island as one of the best beaches in Charleston, SC.  See link to blog below:

Here’s our review!

Kiawah Island
Kiawah is one of the best barrier islands in the country. Its sheer lack of commercialization, peaceful summertime breezes, and friendly locals each work in sync and contribute to the ideal island experience. This beach has not only assumed a ranking as one of America’s Top 10 Beaches on numerous occasions in the past, but Kiawah is also home to several incredibly respectable golf courses. Keep in mind that Kiawah is technically a gated beach with many private homes – but don’t forget, it’s this very privacy that makes the beach so perfectly serene.

Inn Aerial

Aerial of the old Kiawah Island Inn

Forty years ago today (May 3, 1976), the Kiawah Island Resort opened for the first time.  The resort featured the Kiawah Island Inn with its two swimming pools, two restaurants and a bar.  The Charleston Gallery was the more formal dining option at the resort, while the Jasmine Porch was a more casual atmosphere.  After dinner, guests migrated up to the Topsider Lounge for cocktails.  For $45 a night, guests could stay in an oceanfront room.  The first golf course on the island was not finished until August 1976.  Gary Player was the design consultant for the Marsh Point Golf Course.  He would return in 1996 to totally renovate the course which would reopen as Cougar Point in 1997.  The resort’s tennis complex contained nine courts – seven clay and hard “GrassTex” course, and a clubhouse.  Pros Roscoe Tanner and our very own Roy Barth were there to give lessons.  The resort was also building a small shopping center on the island called the Straw Market.  The stores included a ladies’ boutique, a deli, a beauty shop and a liquor store.

My, how times have changed!

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The Sanctuary Kiawah Island Luxury Resort Review | Fabulously Chic Over 50
Have you ever dreamt of being an honored guest in a grand seaside mansion, with sweeping staircases, soaring ceilings and a decor so luxurious, it might make Scarlet O’Hara blush? Well, we’ve discovered such a place and if ever there was a luxury resort that lived up to it’s name, it is The Sanctuary, a … Read at link above.
Next up, is the review of their unforgettable meal and evening at The Ocean Room.

reasons to stay at Kiawah

Travel bloggers Mary Gallagher and Will Davis say Year round there are plenty of reasons to stay at Kiawah:

Through some of the early morning fog and sea smoke coming off the Atlantic Ocean on a late fall morning I wonder if Arnoldus Vanderhorst, one of the early owners of Kiawah Island in South Carolina, would envision as he developed his plantation with rice, indigo and other field crops spread out before him, that one day two hundred years in the future the view might be quite different. Would he have foreseen this wonderful Low Country paradise as a mecca for thousands of visitors including golfers attracted by championship courses, fabulous beach homes to own or rent and the Sanctuary a five star hotel and spa just a few of the reasons to stay at Kiawah. Hundreds of varying styles of vacation rentals for every size gathering, bike and nature trails, beautiful public beaches and more? Probably not.

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