Mother Nature’s Paintbrush

Wild Turkey 1

We just enjoyed Thanksgiving and with Thanksgiving came Grandma’s superb casseroles, your mother’s famous red velvet cake, and of course, turkey. The once threatened wild turkey is now plentiful throughout the United States due to extensive conservation efforts and now large populations of turkeys can be found throughout the Lowcountry. With vibrant colorings, they’re Mother Nature’s Paintbrush. They flourish on Johns, Seabrook, James, Edisto, and Wadmalaw Islands and, if you’re lucky, can also be spotted on Kiawah Island year round. Standing at four feet in height and weighing up to twenty-five pounds, the Eastern wild turkey is one of the heaviest birds in the United States. (For comparison’s sake, an average adult Bald Eagle weighs in at nine pounds!) And, while many of us have seen dozens of turkeys during our lifetimes as featherless baked, fried, or roasted dishes, those who have not seen the bird pre-Thanksgiving dinner are really missing an awe-inspiring site.

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Chef Danny and the winning Cherrywood BBQ and Ale House team — Critic’s Choice and People’s Choice awards


Since 2009, restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina (one of the most competitive restaurant towns in America) have gotten together to compete on which restaurant cooked the best quintessentially southern dish, Mac and Cheese.  In its 7th year, Kiawah’s Cherrywood BBQ and Ale House only had one goal — win it all at the 2016 Charleston Mac Off!

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Bee 1


There once was a story of a Storm, a beekeeper, and some bees…

 The honeybee, famous for its production of sweet, delicious honey, can go unrecognized sometimes. So much work goes in to the diligent creation of the sugary tea additive. In order to create this versatile and delightful indulgence, honeybees have to visit countless plants when they are in bloom. In order to produce one pound of honey, a honeybee colony travels over fifty thousand miles and visits over two million plants! The plants provide the key ingredient for honey, and in return, the honeybees transport the pollen. Pollen transport is a crucial step in the creation of all sorts of new plants; thus, the honeybee’s craving and quest to create honey not only does that, but it also pollinates plants that are then consumed by us and by other animals!

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Biking on Kiawah

Looking for the perfect family getaway?  “Well traveled kids” ( is the name of one of the top family travel blog sites on the internet.  Writer, Allie Brenner recently visited with her family and gave her top ten reasons why The Sanctuary is the perfect family getaway.  The article starts:

“The Sanctuary Hotel at Kiawah Island Golf Resort yielded the best Mother’s Day I have ever had. To provide some background information, Kiawah is an island off the coast of South Carolina and The Sanctuary is ranked the #1 U.S. Resort Hotel by Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report. The hotel has also received The Forbes Five Star Award. Its own website describes it as a 255-room “seaside mansion.” My husband Mark, my daughter Reagan (3) and I spent the holiday weekend there primarily as part of a political event but also for personal enjoyment. I left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed as we drove our rental car back to the Charleston Airport (45 minutes). This hotel experience was perfect for my family; below are the top ten reasons why its an outstanding family resort.”

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The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Greenville magazine, Town, recently reviewed The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort in an article entitled — Estate of Rest.  It starts with: “The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort offers a courtly coming-home to those in search of Southern elegance.”  Couldn’t say it much better than that!  The article, written by Greenville author, M. Linda Lee, begins with:

That old saw about location, location, location, defines the only hotel on posh, private Kiawah Island. Set at the end of a lush allée lined with live oaks and palmetto trees, the Sanctuary kneels at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Though it opened in 2004, the Sanctuary has the feel of something much older, starting with those live oaks and palmettos. The 150 full-grown trees were relocated from elsewhere on the island to appear as if they had been growing in front of the hotel for decades.

Stepping inside the lobby has the feeling of entering a turn-of-the-nineteenth-century seaside mansion of a wealthy Charleston landowner. The first thing that catches my eye across the wide-planked black-walnut floor is a wall of windows framing the blue-green sea. In order to locate the hotel at just the right height for this view, workers elevated the site with a quarter of a million tons of dirt.


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Nfocus, Nashville’s regional magazine, recently featured a visit to Kiawah Island Golf Resort entitled “Island Escapes: Kiawah Island Coastal getaways to explore.”  Written by Holly Hoffman, it describes what’s great about our little corner of the world:

“Only 21 miles from historic Charleston, Kiawah Island is a 10,000-acre barrier island that is home to wildlife including alligators, white-tailed deer and loggerhead sea turtles. The Kiawah Island Golf Resort sits along 10 miles of beach on the Atlantic Ocean and is best known for its five esteemed championship golf courses. The Ocean Course, future home to the 2021 PGA Championship, may be challenging because of brisk sea breezes, but players have unobstructed views of the beautiful Atlantic coastline from every hole. The tennis program, ranked No. 1 in the world by the prestigious Tennis Resorts Online, has two separate tennis facilities that include 19 clay and four hard courts, perfect for clinics, camps or matches with friends. Sports aside, more than a dozen restaurants offer regionally driven menus featuring the best from low country farmers and fishermen. And you can forget about a rental car; complimentary shuttles transport guests around the property for a worry-free stay.”  Read more below.


Where to Play Golf “Eco Style” at Kiawah Island Golf Resort:


Kiawah Island Resort is showcased on a recent edition of the Where to Play Golf Eco Style TV Show. (  Former PGA of America President and current President of Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Roger Warren,  is among the featured guests along with “The Scot” from The Distillery Channel! (

Voted “2016 Golf Radio & Internet TV Show of the Year” and “2016 Golf Article of the Year”. Where to Play Golf has an affluent, worldwide audience with listeners/viewers in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, South Africa, France, Italy and China.


The blog “Fabulously Chic over 50″ reviews The Atlantic Room following a visit to the resort late this summer.  Clearly, the enjoyed the experience!

“You know you’re in for a memorable romantic evening when you are seated at one of the best tables in the house at a premier, award-winning seafood restaurant. The Atlantic Room just so happens to perch directly on the shores of the sparkling Atlantic and offers sunset views so magnificent, folks literally gather on the …” Read more…

Wedding proposal on Kiawah Island

Wedding proposal


We recently got the following message about a wedding proposal on Kiawah Island.  We encourage you to follow the link:


In case you have not already seen it, our family friends’ recent Kiawah wedding proposal was highlighted in

The Polito family was visiting our beloved Kiawah Island for the first time and Luke thought the idyllic beach would be the perfect setting for the special moment.  Dad Bobby then took the extended family to the Sanctuary to celebrate over a bottle of champagne, where your staff extended the ultimate in Southern hospitality with complimentary beverages.

I know that Kiawah is the setting of many special family moments, but it was a dream come true for this salt-of-the-earth family.  The parents’ business oversees the packing of meals to be distributed to disaster victims, refugee camps, as well as Washington, DC-area needy.  The future groom works in youth ministry and the bride-to-be has devoted her life to ending human trafficking.

Thank you for making their special day even more unique,


Best of luck to the soon-to-be bride and groom!

Pool games image

The prestigious Andrew Harper’s Hideaway newsletter has named The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort as one of their top 10 Kid-Friendly Hotels. In their review they wrote:

The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, in Charleston, South Carolina, presents children under 3 with a beach bag containing crayons, coloring book and other goodies; children over 4 receive a passbook that they can fill with stamps from different parts of the island and win prizes when they reach new levels. If the kids get tired of the beach, the resort offers a range of activities and guided nature experiences.

Learn more about all children’s and teen’s activities, including Extreme Laser Tag, 3 on 3 Basketball and more.”

Go to the resorts Recreation and Nature pages of our web site to learn more of what we have to offer the kids while visiting our beautiful island.

Go to the Andrew Harper web site to learn more about their top 10!