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Kiawah received the ranking of the #1 tennis resort in the world by for 2012.  The rankings come out each May listing the top 75 tennis resorts in the world.  Kiawah has now been ranked #1 in the world … Read More

It’s match day. In only a few hours you’ll be on court, butting heads with your arch nemesis, the person who blasted you in straight sets just a couple of months ago. But this time, you promise yourself, the outcome … Read More

To be your best in a key tournament or league tennis match, it’s essential to adhere to the Boy Scouts motto: Be prepared.  For success, think “Tennis Preparation.” I’m not just referring to your mental and physical preparation. Instead, I’m … Read More

There’s not a tennis player on the planet – including the current crop of all-time greats like Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal – who hasn’t “choked” away a match. So don’t feel too bad that you double-faulted on match point … Read More