The Kickboxer Cocktail at The Ocean Room

Are you wanting to keep your bathing suit figure and get the natural energy of a freshly juice cocktail? Then The Ocean Room lounge has exactly what you are looking for! Bartender Lesly Oliver is giving us the rundown on one of her newest creations, The Kickboxer cocktail.

Lesly Oliver- Bartender of The Ocean Room

Lesly Oliver- Bartender of The Ocean Room

“This cocktail is made from a pineapple, carrots, Thai basil, ginger, local shishito peppers, and Titos vodka,” notes Lesly. “Juicing is an easy way to get your daily fruits and vegetables into your diet that also comes with additional benefits. Pineapples contain an enzyme call bromelain which has been proven to reduce joint pain. They also promote a healthy complexion and increase energy. Thai basil is an Asian anti-bacterial herb that improves memory loss and helps to give a skin and inner cleansing. Ginger is known to cure nausea but is also great for joint problems, suppressing cancer cells, and is an energizer.”

The Kickboxer's juicing ingredients

The Kickboxer’s juicing ingredients

The Kickboxer cocktail started with the local shishito peppers (from Ambrose farms), a Japanese chile pepper that is mild in flavor. Chile peppers contain capsaicin which speeds up your metabolism. Mixing all of these refreshing juices with Titos handmade vodka is a tropical treat. Not only is the Kickboxer healthy for you but it will keep you looking and feeling great on the beach!”

The finished product proudly displayed in the lounge.

The finished product proudly displayed in the lounge.

Written by Lesly Oliver


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