A fond farewell to my Kiawah family….


Ten years ago this past May I started working with what would become my Kiawah family in the Kiawah Recreation Department as a Kamp Kiawah counselor. To receive my degree from Iowa State University I was required to complete an internship and was chosen for the coveted Kiawah Recreation Internship in the Fall of 2003. My internship gave me my first experience recruiting new employees, planning large scale events, learning the ins and outs of customer service, theming Kamp Kiawah and holiday programs, working with vendors and seeing the Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon in action. Since my role as Counselor and Intern I progressed into the role of Activity Supervisor and in the summer of 2004 was promoted to the position, Recreation Program Manager.

After ten years of service I am moving on to a new property.  I have made the most of creating memorable experiences for our island guests; these experiences, in turn, have created countless positive memories for me as well. Kiawah Island is truly a special place. I’m sure I will face my fair share of challenges in my new position in Virginia. Spelling camp again with a “c” instead of a “k” will also be a struggle….

My favorite days of the year have been a tie between July 4th and the second Saturday in December for the Kiawah Island Marathon. I’m going to miss the Kiawah guests and property owners that I anticipated seeing during holidays and specific weeks throughout the year. I’ll also miss Joan’s jerk chicken wraps at Night Heron Grill and smiling at the gate attendants when I entered the island each morning. Most of all, I am going to miss my Kiawah Recreation Family. This group of people led by Liz King has offered me so much support, leadership, patience and friendship over the years.

While leaving is bittersweet, I am excited for what lies ahead for me but also very sad to leave. I am also excited for the direction of the Kiawah Recreation Department. The Activities and Special Events department will be headed up by co-Managers Chelsey Stegmaier and Paul Shockley. Paul will be taking on Special Events and Chelsey will oversee Kamp Kiawah and crafts. They completed their internships in the recreation department during the summer of 2010. They both have strong work ethics and are super creative and efficient which will ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Thank you to Kiawah Island Golf Resort guests, vendors and employees for everything. I’ve enjoyed every minute!


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2 Responses to A fond farewell to my Kiawah family….

  1. Nicki Romare says:

    Good luck Kari :) I am proud of you!

  2. Jimmy Wooten says:

    I first met Kari during the Summer of 2005, when completing my internship with the Recreation Department. Little did I know that Summer lead to a supervisor role after my graduation and later working with Kari (in our small office) for the next 5 years. When I left the Recreation Department almost 3 years ago now, I have kept in touch with Kari ever since. We have lots of memories to share. I am sure that many great things are ahead in Virginia. She will continue to touch lives and lead others. Kari has always been an important role model and friend in my life. Kiawah Island Golf Resort and the Recreation Department are led by some incredible people, perfect at creating wonderful memories for guests and employees. Lot’s of memories to think back and smile on now with my mouth watering thinking of Joan’s Jerk Chicken Wraps from Night Heron Grill!

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