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Recently, I received a phone call from a family who was currently on Kiawah Island, enjoying their time on the beach but looking for a new experience while vacationing. The Wolf family remembered reading a blurb on a website about community outreach in the Charleston area. After speaking with the family, I got Mrs. Wolf in touch with Jennene Koester, Ronald McDonald House of Charleston’s House Manager and a few days later…. I received this great photo!

The Wolf Family (recently volunteered at RMH)

The Wolf Family (recently volunteered at RMH)

Families like The Wolfs are looking for new experiences, and what makes this relationship between Kiawah Island Golf Resort and Ronald McDonald House of Charleston so unique is our ability to support one another. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Charleston is a 27- bedroom home where families stay while their children undergo extensive medical treatment. Here, parents and children lead a life as normal as possible during their traumatic times without the financial burden of costly hotel and travel expenses.  KIGR has been assisting the home for over five years with numerous acts focused on supporting those in need. A small portion of Kiawah’s relationship with RMH of Charleston is our ability to coordinate with guests of Kiawah Island who are interested in volunteering at the house.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort Employees at Ronald McDonald House for a day of giving back!

Kiawah Island Golf Resort Employees at Ronald McDonald House for a day of giving back!

We had a wonderful experience volunteering at Ronald McDonald House Charleston on our recent trip to Kiawah Island Resort.  House Manager, Jennene, and all of the staff members we met couldn’t have been nicer and more welcoming and appreciative.  We were given the tasks of cleaning up after lunch and preparing dinner for the residents.  Jennene led us on a tour of the facility and told us about all of the great work they do to support the families of sick children, as well as the children themselves.”  The Wolf Family signed off with these genuine and kind remarks, “Thank you, Kiawah Resort, for advertising this opportunity to volunteer.  We look forward to our next visit and volunteering at RMHC again soon!”

Jennene Koester (RMH of Charleston House Manager) gave us a rundown of the typical duties of ‘helping hands’ they receive. “Volunteers at RMH play a vital role in filling many needs at the house and also away from the house.  Our volunteers are asked to attend a volunteer orientation, fill out an application, going through an approval process and be trained.  We asked a 3 month commitment. We, however, accept and welcome volunteers that are vacationing out at Kiawah, as long as we have a Kiawah contact person confirming they are guests.   Families or individuals can volunteer doing chores, cooking, baking, maintenance, writing thank you notes, running errands, gardening, landscaping, library, arts and crafts, etc.  This list is not conclusive but always appreciated by the entire whole household.”

So the next time you and the family are visiting for the week or even a few days, consider a new experience that will brighten the home of those you serve.

For 39 years Ronald McDonald House Charities has been working to improve health and well-being of children and their family. The Ronald McDonald House approach has been to think globally but act locally by tailoring their programs to address the most urgent need of the community they serve.


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