She Said Yes! – Night Heron Proposal

Every Easter Sunday, Night Heron Park is bursting with pastel colors, whether it’s from the thousands of Easter Eggs scattered on every inch of grass, or the colorful outfits that families don for the spring holiday. This Easter was no different; the Easter Bunny arrived with the normal gifts and eggs, except he had one very special gift – a Night Heron Proposal!

For the Felts family, this gift ensured that this Easter would be like none they’ve ever experienced. Mitch Felts had been planning this surprise for a while, but he needed a little help, so he turned to the Kiawah Island Recreation staff…when we found out his surprise was to ask his girlfriend Melanie to marry him…

…And she said YES! The morning started off with a little bit of rain, but shortly after, the clouds broke and the sun shined through…it was perfect. People started flocking to the park before the annual Easter Egg Hunt. After seeing how many eggs were scattered, you’d think it would take a while for the kids to scoop up the colorful plastic capsules…we were wrong. About a minute after it started with a mob of kids running through the park, the eggs were gone.

Luckily the Easter Bunny saved the one egg that would bring so much joy and emotion to not only the Felts and Lovingood family, but to every person standing around the Night Heron stage at that very moment. On such a special day as it is, to be a part of something of this nature was truly amazing.

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One Response to She Said Yes! – Night Heron Proposal

  1. Melanie Lovingood says:

    An Easter for all to remember, especially me. I thank God every day for the many blessings in my life. Mitch is my best friend, my other half and makes me a better woman. Our story could be published in a inspirational book from start to present. Easter Sunday was the perfect day to show our devoted love. Thank you all for making this a dream come true. I am a lucky woman.

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