Mingo Point Oyster Roast


Although there are many things to do while at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, a lowcountry tradition that everyone should experience during their visit is the Mingo Point Oyster Roast. It is a casual place to gather with your friends and family to feast on some of the local cuisine. There is something for everyone to indulge in, whether it is gathering around a table and shucking freshly roasted oysters or enjoying an assortment of barbecue from their new wood fired oven and grill. All this accompanied with some live music by the Island Trio blues band and the captivating panoramic sunset view overlooking the marshes of the Kiawah River is the perfect way to complete your evening. This event is held every Monday during the summer from 6pm-9pm.

If you decide to join us and it is your first roast here are a few steps and tips to shucking an oyster. First, grasp the oyster in one hand using a glove or a towel. Then want to insert your oyster knife next to the hinge of the shell between the top and the bottom. The hinge can be located at pointed end or back of the oyster. Hold the round side in your palm with the flat side facing up. The second step is to slide the knife in against the bottom side and twist to separate the shells so you don’t cut into the oyster itself. This can sometimes be difficult and some effort might be needed. You should move the knife irregularly from side to side to pry it open. Lastly, slide your knife under the oyster meat to release it from its shell. Enjoy it with some condiments such as hot sauce, cocktail sauce, lemon wedge, or saltine crackers. These are all you can eat, so slurp then repeat the steps above.

For more on Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s unique dining options, go to http://www.kiawahresort.com/dining/

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4 Responses to Mingo Point Oyster Roast

  1. Rita Keller says:

    My grandchildren have always enjoyed Night Heron Pool during several other visits to Kiawah. As I check villas for next summer – none of them have access to Night Heron Pool. What’s changed?

    • Mike Vegis says:

      If you rent through Kiawah Island Golf Resort, your grandchildren will have access to the pools. If you rent through another rental company on the island, they won’t. If we opened it to everyone, it would be too crowded.

  2. Marilyn McMillen says:

    Please email confirmation of my reservation made by phone for Monday July 22, 2013 for party of 3.

    • Mike Vegis says:

      We can’t do that via the blog. Please call reservations at 843-768-2008 (villa) or 864-768-1520 (Sanctuary) and they can confirm with email.

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