Night Heron Kid’s Pool Opens Tomorrow (Saturday, June 9th)!

You’ve waited…  Now here it is… Night Heron Pool opens tomorrow…

We can’t wait to see y’all here…


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10 Responses to Night Heron Kid’s Pool Opens Tomorrow (Saturday, June 9th)!

  1. Kay Norvell says:

    We are Governor club members and have visited the new children’s pool at Night Heron. The concept is wonderful and the slides are great for all ages. One complaint I do have is all the shooting water around the kiddie section. It is too much. There is water that shoots in the face of the little ones that try to slide down the alligator slide. If you go and observe you will not find many little ones going down the slide for this reason. This is also a problem at the kiddy swings. The water shoots in the face of the infants on the swings. The pool is beautiful and the concept of water everywhere is fun but I think there is too much water shooting everywhere so the little ones and adults alike cannot enjoy this area. There is the zero entry but no one is entering with little ones because of all the water in your face as you try to enjoy the area with small children. I hope you will consider turning off some of the water in this area so we can enjoy it with our little ones. If you go to observe, you will see the area for small ones is not very populated. Thank you for your interest and I hope something can be done.

    • Mike Vegis says:

      The pools are brand new and will need adjustment time to get everything right. We love having your feedback and we’ll make sure it gets to the right person to make everything perfect!

  2. Kirsten says:

    We spend our winters on beautiful Kiawah and wondered if there’s any indoor pool in the future vision for the island?

    Thank you

  3. Chris says:

    looking at renting over in Inlet Cove – are passes available to buy for the kids to use the water park or is it private to renters at kiawah resort only?

    • Mike Vegis says:

      All pools are reserved for people renting through Kiawah Island Golf Resort and members of the Governor’s Club only. Otherwise, there would be a serious problem with crowds.

  4. Natalie says:

    We visited Kiawah in July and plan to come back in October. When do the pools close for the season and are the outdoor pools heated? They seemed very warm.

  5. Ryan lake says:

    We are staying at a family members home, so we are not renting via the resort. Can we purchase a family pass for pool access? We are visiting the second week of June.



    • Mike Vegis says:

      No, you may not. The pools are exclusively for guests of Kiawah Island Golf Resort. If we opened them up to outside guests, they would become so crowded, nobody would enjoy the experience. Sorry.

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