Make a splash with the family next year in the new pools at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Over the next several months the resort will be making a significant investment in new state-of-the-art pools in the Night Heron Park and West Beach Tennis Center. The project includes a family pool, an adult-friendly pool and a pool located in West Beach that features both an adult section and a children’s play area.

The large family pool will be completed with a curving waterslide and water features that’s sure to excite children of all ages.

The existing pool at Night Heron will receive a complete facelift and will become the adult-friendly pool. It will have time set aside for quiet adult relaxation, lap swimming and aqua aerobics. During select children’s Kamp Kiawah activities it will also be used for swim lessons.

The third pool will be built in West Beach for both adults and children to enjoy together. There will be an adult section and a large play area with water toys and slides. This will be perfect amenity for guests and families wanting to cool off while spending time together.

As with many of the other resort amenities, access to the pools will be restricted to members and guests of Kiawah Island Golf Resort and accompanied guests of the resort’s Governor’s Club for island property owners.

Check back for artists renderings of the pools!!

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14 Responses to Make a splash with the family next year in the new pools at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

  1. Mike McFarling says:

    Hi.. I am looking at a rental for Kiawah.. and realize it is not thru the Kiawah Island Golf Resort… Will I not be able to use the Night Heron Park pool… or the new pool at West Beach? And what amenities are you refering to that are available thru the Golf Resort? Thanks

  2. Jessica Lutheran says:


    My husband and I are in the process of selecting a rental property for the week of 4/28/2012 through 5/5/2012. I have been doing lots of research, and I am a bit confused about the new pool/pools opening and the dates. The properties we are looking at have access to the resort amenities including the Night Heron Pool. Will the pool with the slides be completed by the time of our visit. I am also concerned about vacationing during construction and renovation. I’d rather not have that in our eye-line; we could easily change our dates of travel or vacation on Seabrook. I have not been able to get a clear answer on this. Can anyone help? We are looking forward to visiting this part of South Carolina. Thank you so much, and have a great day!

    • Mike Vegis says:

      Only the main Night Heron pool will be done during that time period. Neither of the new kid’s pools (with the slides) will be done until some time in the middle of June. I was over at the pool area recently and there wasn’t very much construction noise (no hammering, sawing, etc.). However, you can see the construction of the new pool from the Night Heron pool. If this is a problem for you, I’d reschedule for the end of June or later…

      • Mike Vegis says:

        DHEC was inspecting the Night Heron Family Pool (it will be family all the time). Last I heard, things were looking good for a Monday opening!

    • Jim says:

      Any updates on the resort pools? Our rental at Kiawah begins on June 16th so we’re really hoping the new pools with water slides will be completed by then. Let us know. Thanks!

      • Mike Vegis says:

        We’re hoping both kid’s pools will be open by then although the West Beach support building probably won’t be done until July so we’ll have temp. facilities.

  3. Sara says:

    I read somewhere that the community pools at Inlet Cove and Sparrow Pond have salt water swimming pools. Is this also the case for the Night Heron Park pools?

  4. Ashley says:

    Is the Inlet Cove pool also salt water? Thanks for your reply.

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