Osprey Point Renovations — Watching grass grow

The 17th green as of July 22nd

The 17th green as of July 22nd

This Spring, on May 1st, Osprey Point Golf Club closed for major renovations. Now, here we are 12 weeks later and most of the dust has settled from all the stripping, bull dozing, grading, digging, shaping and finally planting.  Now we’re watching grass grow!  (well, it’s a lot more involved than that…) On June 11th we planted the greens and by July 4th we planted the tees and fairways. As of July 25th, I’d estimate the greens to be about 95% covered and the fairways and tees about 50% covered. We have a long way to go, but the golf course is finally turning green again, a sight we all have been greatly anticipating. So at this stage we are quite literally watching the grass grow! Mother Nature has been very cooperative throughout this project. We only had one day lost to weather, and that includes the first hurricane threat of the season. Once the fairways and tees were planted we have received regular, afternoon thunderstorms. Although this created a few wash outs in the fairways, there wasn’t anything too extreme. And ultimately nothing beats natural rain water to help the grass grow.


We do have bunker work to finish up, along with numerous other projects to put the course back together and make it playable. Most of this will be finished by the end of August. As the days go by the Osprey Point Maintenance staff gets more and more back into their daily maintenance routine. For the next few months they will be in “Grow-In Mode”. This will consist of continued fertilizing, top-dressing and grooming to slowly get the playing surfaces to the pristine playing conditions we all enjoy so much. This time will also allow us to continue to freshen up the Club House and surrounding landscape.


Osprey Point
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4 Responses to Osprey Point Renovations — Watching grass grow

  1. Bubba Bubba says:

    Jaw hike TOC receives all of the glamour, Osprey has been the favorite course of all members and guest sine it opened under Tommy Curthbert. It is the most playable course on the island. The average gofer can enjoyed a rihsn without feeling like he has been beat to death!

    I look forward to the reopening Just one question? Were stakeholders involved before reconstruction took place? It is always good to take into consideration those who play the course….

    Appreciate the updates by island keeper Mike Vegis. He is one of those regular guys who keep everything running smoothly, but from behind the screens. Nader if anyone has ever said “thank you to him, or if he just gets his arse chewed on occasion as a scapegoat.”

    His reward could come thins year in the Big Ten!

    • Mike Vegis says:

      What do you mean by “stakeholders?” The decisions as to how the course would be renovated were made by Tom Fazio and the resort ownership.

  2. Jason says:

    What is the latest on Osprey renovations? Is the course open for play?

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