Renovation work is underway at Osprey Point

Osprey Ren Driving Range 1

Driving Range tee box stripped

Let the renovation begin… finally! The renovation work is underway at Osprey Point with the focus on re-grassing all of the tees, fairways and greens with Paspalum (the same grass we have on the Ocean Course), return the greens to their original size and contours, build a new practice green, rebuild all the bunkers, add nine new forward tees, laser level all tees boxes & improve drainage while re-contouring the 2nd & 18th fairways. All of this by October! There will be a few other minor tweaks around the course as well. Overall the golf course will not see wholesale changes, just rejuvenating and updating the course to return it to gem that so many have come to enjoy so much.

Osprey Ren Green 1

Green stripping

Osprey Ren Green 2

Green shaping

Osprey Ren Green 3

Green shaping


The first thing the crew will tackle is redesigning the putting green. The new putting green at Osprey Point will be approx. 10,000 sq. ft. compared to the approx. 3500 sq. ft. old practice green. By the time you read this, all 18 greens will have been stripped of the old grass, revealing the original size of the greens. I think people are going to be very surprised how big these greens will be. During this first week the crew has also stripped the driving range of all the grass, laser leveled it and added drainage. One addition to the driving range at Osprey, players will now have a practice bunker.


Practice green work begins

Practice green work begins


Driving Range work continues

Driving Range work continues

Stay tuned for weekly updates as we progress through the summer.

Osprey Point
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