Ocean Course Acreages


While most golf courses have a lot of grassy areas and between its holes, not so on The Ocean Course.  If you look at the total Ocean Course acreages, it’s not that much – just a tiny bit over 85 acres.  It’s mostly dunes, ponds and marsh out on the Eastern tip of Kiawah Island.  Here’s the total yardage on The Ocean Course:

Ocean Course Acreages

Front 9 :  42.25 Acres (grass only)

Greens :  1.33 Acres
Tees :   1.72 Acres
Fairways : 13.7 Acres
Roughs : 25.5
Sand : 13 acres (estimate only)

Back 9 : 43.13 Acres (grass only)
Greens : 1.46 Acres
Tees : 1.97 Acres
Fairways : 14.3 Acres
Roughs : 25.4 Acres
Sand : 14 Acres (estimate only)

Range : 20 Acres
Range Tee : 1.28 Acres

Paspalum Field : 2.2 Acres

Total Acreage : 108.86 Acres

So, next time you tee it up on The Ocean Course, you have an excuse.  It’s hard to hit so few acres of grass and so many acres of trouble!


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