Golf brings people together

“Eighteen holes of match or medal play will teach you more about your foe than will 18 years of dealing with him across a desk,” wrote sportswriter Grantland Rice.

Studies suggest that the best way to really get to know someone is through a round of golf. After 18 holes together (and 4+ hours if you’re playing The Ocean Course), a personal connection over the sport is formed. The golf course can test a person’s temperament, thought-process, humor and intelligence. Just think about it – how do you react when you miss an easy shot? Do you know someone who has cheated their score? All signs of a person’s character…

Have you ever used the golf course to get to know someone better? A tactic your father-in-law used on you, perhaps?

Businesses, too, use golf as a quick and easy way to get to know someone.  For years companies have brought clients or potential employees to the golf course. Making deals, networking and scouting in a more relaxed setting are reasons why golf is a popular sport to mix business with pleasure.

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Golf brings people together. Want to really get to know someone? Spend a day with them on the golf course, better yet – spend the day with them watching golf at the PGA Championship. Have a client you want to impress? How about a one-day hospitality suite? Spend the entire day talking business and golf in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Who do you want to get to know better? Who would you invite?

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